oh goodness ...

Wow, I've been incredibly neglectful. I do happen to have a few very exciting/legitimate excuses ... excuses aside, I'm so happy to be feeling creative and constructive again. 

With that being said, here are some lovely photographs from the new Missoni campaign - clearly, I'm obsessed. They're the work of Juergen Teller and I'm all about the laid back, family-centric vibe. I couldn't help but fall in love with the Missoni clan in all its glory. Enjoy!
Look at those sandals

Marghertia Missoni is stunning

There just so happens to be a M by Missoni sample sale on Ideeli ... unfortunately {and by unfortunately I really mean that I'm overjoyed} I just signed a lease and will be lacking in discretionary income for a while ... here's to chevron dreams.

Images via: Fashion Addict Diary

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  1. wow! thank u for this post, the photos are amazing and its great to get a look into the missonis family. they all seem to be so kind and nice. i espacially like the grandfather. he looks so sweet :-)

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    hope u like it. maybe give me a comment :-)