Oliver Barrett IV ...

I've been really excited about this post for a few reasons. As a product of both work and curiosity, I've been extremely interested in men's fashion lately - I'd even go as far as to say that I've been more interested in men's fashion than women's fashion ... I know, I never thought I'd see the day. I'm constantly amazed at how minor adjustments of cut and structure can make traditional prints and patterns different and new. 

So, whilst flipping through the September issue of Details Magazine the other day, I came across this editorial spread by Dan Martensen and I was absolutely smitten. Entitled "The Best Clothes for Fall Weekends", the spread is inspired by the film Love Story {which I just so happened to watch the other week with my sister} and it totally captures the trendy meets trad vibe of the late 70s.

This photograph makes me swoon. He is perfectly dressed.

Apparently Ali MacGraw's wardrobe spawned a cult following and I can totally see why - I loved her many coats ...

Behold the genuine 70s stylings of Ali MacGraw and Ryan O'Neal:

And I can't help but feel that I was born about five decades too late. Le sigh.

Images via: Details Magazine, Google Images


oh goodness ...

Wow, I've been incredibly neglectful. I do happen to have a few very exciting/legitimate excuses ... excuses aside, I'm so happy to be feeling creative and constructive again. 

With that being said, here are some lovely photographs from the new Missoni campaign - clearly, I'm obsessed. They're the work of Juergen Teller and I'm all about the laid back, family-centric vibe. I couldn't help but fall in love with the Missoni clan in all its glory. Enjoy!
Look at those sandals

Marghertia Missoni is stunning

There just so happens to be a M by Missoni sample sale on Ideeli ... unfortunately {and by unfortunately I really mean that I'm overjoyed} I just signed a lease and will be lacking in discretionary income for a while ... here's to chevron dreams.

Images via: Fashion Addict Diary


kelly dreaming ...

The beachy before, un petit yawn ...

The after, featuring some vintage gold buttons:

These shorts make me want to groove to Blondie whilst eating fondue. I'm continually amazed by the big differences seemingly tiny accents can make.
Images via nymag.com


patina is for champions...

This morning I ventured out to an estate sale ... I was seriously overwhelmed at first and just about to leave when I spotted a table stacked to the rafters with jewelry. I took some time to sift through the piles and managed to match together some awesome pairs of earrings. Antibacterial soap was in serious order to say the least.

I don't normally like red, but I loved this bracelet:

My favorite find:

I also re-discovered my grandmother's antique tin collection, some of which I'm hoping to incorporate in my new apartment:

Hello, Don Draper! I think that this will make for a lovely little jewelry box:

This could be a pretty stationery box:

I love the detailing:

To clean or not to clean?


Brown Sugar Walnut {possibly any nut} Torte ...

My Grandmother Jean was not only an artist but a very skilled baker. She had a knack for expertly crafting swiss roll cakes {my sister and I attempted a Buche de Noel two years ago which resulted in a chocolate mousse explosion} but her Brown Sugar Walnut Torte was and still is everyone's favorite.

It's very simple but delicious and graces the table at every single holiday, from Thanksgiving, to Passover to Chinese New Year {we celebrate all three}. We experimented with toasted almonds instead of walnuts, and I think we may be onto something ...

The egg white beating process continually amazes me ...

Normally, I would post the recipe here but it's a prized family secret.

Tosca Delfino ...

My friend, Tosca, is incredibly talented. She lived all over the world, went to fashion school in Milan, interned for Missoni {too jealous for words} and lived down the road from me in Bondi! She is a swimwear designer and will soon debut her collection at Sydney Fashion Week. Her designs are 70's inspired and embody a great balance of style, practicality {including a sunbathing hood on one piece} and quirk. Here are some preliminary images from her upcoming look-book:

I love her custom prints and cannot wait to get a new swimsuit for the summer ...

Her talent extends well beyond the realms of swimwear - here's a dress that she made for me and it's just about my favorite thing in the world {and by world I mean my closet}:

Her website will be up and running soon, you can check it out here.

Images via www.toscadelfino.com