Oliver Barrett IV ...

I've been really excited about this post for a few reasons. As a product of both work and curiosity, I've been extremely interested in men's fashion lately - I'd even go as far as to say that I've been more interested in men's fashion than women's fashion ... I know, I never thought I'd see the day. I'm constantly amazed at how minor adjustments of cut and structure can make traditional prints and patterns different and new. 

So, whilst flipping through the September issue of Details Magazine the other day, I came across this editorial spread by Dan Martensen and I was absolutely smitten. Entitled "The Best Clothes for Fall Weekends", the spread is inspired by the film Love Story {which I just so happened to watch the other week with my sister} and it totally captures the trendy meets trad vibe of the late 70s.

This photograph makes me swoon. He is perfectly dressed.

Apparently Ali MacGraw's wardrobe spawned a cult following and I can totally see why - I loved her many coats ...

Behold the genuine 70s stylings of Ali MacGraw and Ryan O'Neal:

And I can't help but feel that I was born about five decades too late. Le sigh.

Images via: Details Magazine, Google Images


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