patina is for champions...

This morning I ventured out to an estate sale ... I was seriously overwhelmed at first and just about to leave when I spotted a table stacked to the rafters with jewelry. I took some time to sift through the piles and managed to match together some awesome pairs of earrings. Antibacterial soap was in serious order to say the least.

I don't normally like red, but I loved this bracelet:

My favorite find:

I also re-discovered my grandmother's antique tin collection, some of which I'm hoping to incorporate in my new apartment:

Hello, Don Draper! I think that this will make for a lovely little jewelry box:

This could be a pretty stationery box:

I love the detailing:

To clean or not to clean?


  1. our apt is going to be sooo good - love the red bracelet you are a freak for not liking red...

    oh baby jamal smoosh

  2. Wow I love the earrings you found. And those are fabulous tins!

  3. Such fun!!! I have never been to an estate sale but have always wanted to go. Did you go with anyone or did you venture by yourself? How did you find out about the sale? Are prices pretty reasonable?
    ps-if you get a chance, stop by my blog and check out my giveaway!!!

  4. wow! you scored some really neat finds.

    my parents have a vintage lucky strike tin somewhere, too ... i should find it when i go home this summer!

  5. i love this post marisa! i sware we have the same tastes! must meet soon! :) xox ali

  6. Fabulous Vintage Finds! I love hunting for vintage treasures.