bliss blanc ...

I love little white dresses far more than their black counterparts.  

 Maybe this is due to the fact that they're harbingers of warm weather. I like to think it's because they epitomize femininity and grace.

These beautiful photographs are from an editorial entitled "Soft Focus" in the April issue of Vogue Australia. Nicole Bentley is the photographer, and the stunning model, Rosie Tupper, also graces the cover.

Apologies for my poor page-tearing skills.

p.s. I got a pair of these today! I've been wanting them for a while and they finally went on sale!
My pair is gold with a cream colored flower.


  1. these are so much prettier than the cover photo... they picked wrong

  2. i love white dresses, too! my sorority wears white dresses for our ceremonies, so i'm constantly on the look out for new pretty versions!

  3. super cute... i always prefer white to black as well. great pictures!