Dace ...

I first heard about Dace through one of my favorite fashion blogs about six months ago. Unfortunately I haven't been able to see her pieces in person (Dace is a boutique Canadian brand) but I absolutely adore them online, and imagine that the fit and construction would be nothing short of perfect. All of her pieces embody a structured sense of femininity -they are simple and beautiful.

Here are some beautiful shots from her Spring 2010 campaign:

And some of my favorite pieces from the spring collection:

I wish that I could pull off these pants

I am in love with this dress!

And here she is ...
The very talented Dace Moore


  1. I think I love the dress she is wearing the most... If I were a designer I would probably do the same, keep all the good things for myself. Kind of like a bride/bridesmaid relationship.

    My name is Erica. And it's nice to meet you.

  2. i like the dress she is wearing best too!

  3. Wow, gorgeous photos! I love that line! Thanks for sharing!

  4. nice photos and nice blog! :)

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