love for le grandpa sweater ...

I am well and truly obsessed with grandpa sweaters - really any oversized male sweater for that matter, I don't discriminate! While it may appear that they are an easy out for putting together a real outfit, I actually think they embody a sense of chic confidence. 

About 95% of the time you can find me running around in a grandpa sweater with either skinny jeans or denim shorts. For some reason I just feel my best in that beloved little uniform. Now that I think about it, I actually feel most feminine when wearing the aforementioned combinations ... perhaps I'm deluding myself in my quest for comfort.

Here are some awesome vintage Etsy finds. If you purchase any of the following I will plot your death be truly jealous, but very happy for you and your wonderful purchase!

My favorite of the bunch

I despise myself in red, but this could work on all of you non-freaks

Feminine take on the grandpa sweater - also who can resist something that's "nubby"?

I never thought I'd swoon over anything Eddie Bauer ... I fear that I may be getting frumpy in my old age

Perfectly white and classic

I hereby pledge my undying love for striped sweaters

Gotta love the reindeer ... clearly I do ... 

In fact, it just so happens that I'm wearing a wonderful pastel pink grandpa sweater at this very moment, compliments of Keens!


  1. I love a good grandpa sweater too!

  2. I love that vintage funfetti grandpa sweater! I loveee them. Especially paired with cut off jean shorts and peep-toes. Haha, very random!

  3. these sweaters are to die for! especially the reindeer sweater! ahhh!