The Garden Collection by H&M ...

The Garden Collection by H&M is set to hit stores any day now and I'm loving the modern meets flower child vibe ...

Every piece in the collection is made from either recycled plastic bottles or sustainable materials like organic cotton, organic linen, recycled polyester and tencel.

On top of that, the collection is consistent with H&M's tradition of affordability - the price points max out at $49.95!

The collection also includes scarves, tote bags, ballet flats, and scrunchies (le cringe) - great finds for the budget and environmentally conscious. 

p.s. Keenan just started a pretty sweet shop on Etsy!


  1. i want this entire collection! your blog looks so good lover!! and thank you for the shout out!!!!!! miss you a bazillion

  2. and your banner looks adorable!