food nostalgia

I have a slight confession: I am obsessed with food baked goods / candy. If I'm not eating something sweet then chances are I'm baking something sweet or gawking over pictures of something sweet on one of my favorite food blogs.

Living so far away (Sydney) from home (New York), I know firsthand that homesickness can be cured with a healthy dose of food nostalgia, even if American brands are obscenely over-priced here. Recently, I've been eyeing pints of Ben & Jerry's - but at $13 per pint, I think I'll need to save that for le rainiest of le rainy days. 

Here are some lovely reminders of home / my family / childhood ...

My oldest sister's favorite

My little sister and I used to fight over the white ones - for some reason they're just far superior to any other color

My dad's favorite

My grandma used to make this for us - we used to get such joy out of the seemingly magical foil explosion

Weird choice, I know, but this reminds me of my older sister!

My childhood encapsulated

Now if only I could get my hands on some New York bagels ...

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