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Not only is my mom an incredibly awesome friend, she is timelessly beautiful and quite stylish. This picture of my mom and dad, (my dad's favorite picture), was taken in 1972. She was 18 at the time:

It's definitely one of my favorites too. Apparently it was taken during a very boozy dinner... I so wish that she had saved that coat for me!

After relaying the details of my impulse jeans purchase to her this morning, she told me about her old Kork-Ease sandals and said that she suspected they might be coming back. I immediately googled them and I think that another quasi-impulse purchase may be in order ... if only she had saved them as well!

My favorite pair

      But these are also badass extraordinaire

    And I love dark brown, ohhh decisions ...

 While they are quite 70's, I'm pretty certain that I'd be able to wear them for many years to come!

Images via www.nordstrom.com

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