Jean Schlumberger & Jackie O
All throughout high school (and for about 6 months afterwards) I worked at Tiffany & Co. While I always loved jewelry, I never truly understood the fascination behind statement jewelry - that was until I tried on a Jean Schlumberger bracelet ... and a canary diamond ring ... and a Victoria Pendant ... I would continue, but you would get bored.
As you can imagine, I developed an addiction of some sort. Of course I wouldn't buy anything, I'd just hold the beautiful pieces and try them on and then squeal when I looked in the mirror.
The bracelets pictured both above and below are designed by Jean Schlumberger. They are made with 18 karat gold and his signature paillonné enamel. The intricate enameling process involves over 60 rounds of dipping, as translucent colors are continually dipped over 18 karat gold leaf.

These bracelets were Jackie O's favorite. She had a knack for collecting them and her favorite one was the white one pictured above.

Schlumberger's enamel bracelets (and his jewelry in general) epitomize grace, sophistication and style.

Images via: www.tiffany.com

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