Gloria Petyarre

Gloria Petyarre is an extremely talented and renowned Aboriginal artist. Her use of color and texture is absolutely enthralling, especially when you see her canvases in person. 

Her pieces reflect her personal interpretations of natural beauty; one of her focuses (my personal favorite) is medicine leaves, pictured both above and below.

Gloria was born in 1945 and was originally from an Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory. In 1977, her family was relocated to a settlement called Utopia where Gloria founded the Utopia Women's Batik Group; Batik is a technique in which fabric is painted with wax and then dyed - I'm anxious to try it!

Gloria first began working on canvas in 1988.

Her collections are housed all over Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Her sisters Nancy, Kathleen, Violet and Ada are also famous Aboriginal artists.

Gloria painting

Biography Source: http://dacoumelbourne.com.au

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