i'll be here for the next week!

Whitsunday Islands in the Great Barrier Reef

Attempting to do this 

Wearing this
 (Apologies for the horrible quality, this does not do my new purchase justice)

Enjoying lots of these

Maybe hugging one of these? 
... no, probably not, but they're the best (google dugong if you have not already had the pleasure of doing so)

I can't believe that I've lived in Australia for three years without ever having visited the Great Barrier Reef! I definitely should be doing laundry / packing right now instead of posting, but this is so much more fun.

I'm going to attempt to post over the next week, but I'm not sure how convenient internet access will be. I cannot wait to share pictures and stories!

Bring on the anti-seasickness medication! Woo!

Images via www.smh.com.au


  1. two things - I tots agree with the target shopping hours - Some of my favorite shoppings sprees in college happened at 2 am at walmart (cringe) lol... but aside from supporting that crap company it was the most hard core retail therapy :D you know how i roll.

    Also, be careful if you hug the dugong - he will smoosh you on accident.

    see you liquidy split!


  2. Oh my!! I just got SOO jealous right now!! I am desperate to go somewhere warm for myself:P In Norway it is sooo cold these days:(

  3. i am going on a cruise this december! i am sooooo excited! even if it is so many months away!

  4. ah I never made it there when I was in australia. have the best time and great bikini!