ohh man!

I may have made a bit of an impulse purchase. Yesterday, Keenan, of Keenan Evans, and I went on a bit of a shopping frenzy and we both ended up with extravagant jean purchases. The stars aligned for her and she found an incredibly awesome pair of Sass & Bide leopard print jeans. I can't think of anything more fitting for her ... pun entirely intended. 

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I reluctantly tried on this pair of high-waisted Acne jeans - 70's-o-rama. Now, don't get me wrong, I am all about the 70's, I just never imagined myself liking anything with a high waist or wide legs. But after slipping them on I was smitten - not to mention that they retail for $495 and I got them for about 90% off! 

via www.tobi.com

They are perfectly bright blue and I can't wait to wear them with heels (nothing like the ones pictured above), a big belt and a fitted, understated top. I'm aiming to channel Jane Birkin in all of her glory ...

... but I am deeply concerned that instead I may be channeling something along the lines of lunatic in a 70's halloween costume. I'm told that I need to just take the plunge and wear them right now ... I am le nervous - any input would be greatly appreciated!

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