...ing over my new favorite blog, Canned Fashion. Natalie Hughes, (creator of Canned Fashion) is an online editor for Sheer Luxe Magazine and shares her adventures, outfits, illustrations and inspiration on her blog. I love all of her clothing, and her commentary (including frequent references to herself as a "headless chicken") makes me giggle. 

She lives in London and exudes impossible yet lovable coolness. 

Could that dress be any cooler? I think not.

Natalie with Olivia Palermo

One of her many awesome illustrations

And another

Canned Fashion is definitely worth a visit ... or 20!

Images via www.cannedfashion.com


  1. Oh, how dare you! You have just made me utterly obsessed with Canned Fashion. I predict I'll be spending the next four hours there. :)

  2. i adore her blog and so far i can tell all of her beautiful clothes and her way of wearing them! a hundred thumbs up...